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It's always a dilemma when choosing between mitre saw or circular saw as your next investment in your shop. Each have their own benefits. For me, I went for circular saw before getting a mitre saw because of its versatility. If you are like me going for a circular saw first, read ahead. There are some factors to consider when choosing your circular saw.

1. Blade size

Circular saws come in a range of blade sizes, typically 5-1/2 inches to 7-1/4 inches in diameter. The larger the blade, the deeper the cut it can make. Consider the types of cuts you will be making and choose a blade size that is appropriate.

2. Power source

Circular saws can be powered by electricity or battery. Battery-powered saws offer greater portability and convenience, while electric saws offer more power and consistent cutting performance.

3. Blade type

Circular saw blades come in a variety of types, including rip blades, crosscut blades, and combination blades. Consider the type of cuts you will be making and choose a blade that is appropriate.

4. Bevel capacity

Some circular saws have the ability to tilt the blade to make bevel cuts. Consider the bevel capacity of the saw and choose one that meets your needs.

5. Depth of cut

Consider the maximum depth of cut that the saw can make. This will determine the thickness of the material you can cut.

6. Ergonomics

Look for a circular saw with a comfortable grip and good balance. This will reduce fatigue and improve control while cutting.

7. Safety features

Look for a circular saw with safety features such as a blade guard and a safety switch. These features will help prevent accidents and injuries.

Some popular circular saw models include the DeWalt DWE575SB, Makita 5007MG, and Skil 5280-01. It's recommended to read reviews and compare specifications before making a final decision.

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